Cityscapes of Liège | Urban locations

Cityscapes of Liège | Urban locations

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The project «Luminous Landscape» asks how regional landscapes are represented and imagined in films of the Eurogion Maas-Rijn.
The project is an international cooperation between students of Maastricht University and students of Université de Liège and supported by the Lumière Cinema in Maastricht.
In the light of Maastricht's 2018 bid for the Cultural Capital of Europe, the project is focused on films from the Euregion.

To experiment with cinematic landscapes of the Euregion a video installation will be created and presented at the Lumière Cinema in Maastricht in the beginning of June.
An experimental film production culminating in a small exhibition, the project will focus on the connectivity and tension between narrative and landscape in film. The video installation will be split across three screens, placed together as a triptych. Each screen will feature coinciding narratives transposed onto conflicting landscapes.
The Luminous Landscapes Project will attempt to evoke a moment of insight; contemplation on landscape as an object of the gaze.

Founding members
Maastricht University: Agne Galinskyte, Bo Wang, Jelle Klokman, Jitka Staworowska, Jobbe Hoebink.
Liege University: Caroline van der Eecken, Charlotte Braine, Julie Gloesener, Luc Dardenne

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